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New Year, New blog ( sort of )

It’s 2012!!!!!! , a zombie Apocalypse and/or end of the world is not coming anytime soon , well its STILL early and I did just read World War Z …

Its time to leave the old and embrace the new… and keeping with the  spirit , I wanted to have more motivation to change/update my blog and for some time I have felt frustrated with the lack of events, news, available info in Florence. Often I will see really fun activities or free events that just were not really promoted or available online to see details so I would to attempt to bridge that gap.

I have only been in Firenze full time since 2007 but I do try to keep up-to-date with whats going on in town so I can temporarily escape the sound of my neighbors TV on full blast and his 24/7 coughing…

People often tell me there is not much to do in Florence or complain of  the lack of info , but the fact is , we live in a country where Italian is the language , not English. I understand its not easy to learn another language , it takes time which is why when I see something fun , or a new place , I will try and put it on this blog.

since I am obviously on a semi-rant about change.. I will leave it with a “unique” idea about climate change..

2 thoughts on “New Year, New blog ( sort of )

  1. subscribing to you due to the fact that your from texas, like me, love italy, like me, and more specifically- love florence, like me! :) woohooo! hope to hear of fun events in florence through your blog and met you at one ;P

    • why thank you! I appreciate the kind words :), considering all of my American friends are normally from Boston or California… its nice to see a fellow Texan loving and living ( or at least appreciating ) Il Bel Paese . I am always around, I work like 5 billion jobs but luckily I somehow always make time to be out and about so yes I hope to see you at one as well.. piacere da Georgette

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