This personal blog follows me, one curious American girl with a semi-confusing name {Georgette} living in Florence, Italy. My passions include travel, wine, food, humor, culture, nerdy tech-related stuff,  languages and of course what got me into the believing anything is possible — the power of books. I was born and raised in Texas, lived in Los Angeles and somehow ended up in the wonderful continent of Europe. Daily life for me is filled with great food, a whole lot of walking and more work than you could dream of. Of course we musn’t forget that bit of insanity and odd sitings uncovered on a daily basis. I started this blog as a outlet for me to share what it is I adore about this beautiful city and country, also sharing travel tips and stories along the way. If you are thinking to move your life abroad, check out this interview series called ‘Locals I Love’ where I basically pick the brains of those living and working here, Italian and foreign.

Firenze has been home since 2007 and I have no plans on leaving in the forseeable future. I absolutely love this country, despite the crazy bus drivers and difficult work situations. Life is about enjoying simple pleasures and enjoying great company with those closest to you, coupled with the willingness to embrace a never-ending curiosity and examine at any situation with a fresh sense of humor.

A lot of people have asked me why my blog’s name is so generic aka ‘Girl in Florence’. I chose the title because to be completely honest,  Italy is full of people like me — working several jobs, trying to build careers and dealing with copious amounts of tear-inducing red-tape. This is no fantasy world in the eyes of an expat but rather I’m just another girl living in Florence.

Since a lot of people ask what I do for work: I am a freelance digital marketing strategist, copywriter, blogger for various companies and the very proud community manager over at Italy Magazine.


I blog mostly about travel, life in general, food, hidden finds in Florence from the point of view of a normal person living and working in the city {usually budget-friendly} not to mention what events are currently around town in Florence. Recipes adapted to the ingredients in Italy crop up from time to time. Travel is a big part of why I live abroad so I really enjoy writing about my travels within Italy and Europe.

You can learn more about me in this interview I did for Expatsblog here or just ask :) or find me on google +Facebook, instagrampinterest, linkedIn or twitter.


*This is 100% a personal blog, all thoughts are my own and yes occasionally you will see a grammer or spelling error because I am human ;-)

Some fun facts you might have not known about me

  • My official language is Italiaenglish, a somewhat haphazard mix of both Italian and English that usually involves me starting a sentence in one language and finishing in other. French is slowly creeping in but mostly I just throw in a ‘oui or ‘tres jolie’ from time to time.
  • My name has ensured that I will never be able to purchase personalized key-chains at the autogrill.
  • I have a secret love for hedgehogs
  • My partner-in-crime is the most Italian Frenchman you would ever meet, his veins are filled with 50% negroni and enough energy to keep up with me.
  • My current linked-in profile should be changed to ‘masochist’ with a social media edge ;-). Also I often make up random jobs to strangers that I think I will never meet again. Dutch-shoe cobbler is my current favorite.
  • I live on the third floor of my apartment building and I curse myself every time I hit the last flight of stairs. It never gets easier and I hope I never break a limb. It does mean I can eat more pizza
  • I have to renew my permesso di soggiorno every year, it was extremely hard to obtain to the point that I don’t even like talking about it. I am currently looking to adopt an Italian Nonna in order to get Italian citizenship. ;-).
  • I have been known to bribe post office workers with the occasional pocket coffee and ‘what a nice haircut, have you lost weight’  compliments in order to get better service.

• Italian newspaper disclaimer: “Questo sito non rappresenta una testata giornalistica poichè viene aggiornato occasionalmente e senza alcuna periodicità. Pertanto, non può essere considerato in alcun modo un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della Legge n. 62 del 07.03.2001.”

To get you started here are a few of my own favorite blog posts

68 thoughts on “About

  1. GIRL! im so happy i came accross your blog. you look awesome and have lovely info! thanks for the follow back on twitter. we should kick it sometime!
    -danella (and scott, even though he didnt write this lol)

  2. My husband and I are planning a trip to Florence in June, and I’ve looked at several blogs…LOVE yours. Living in San Antonio certainly helped with the connection.

  3. Thanks for this great blog. My daughter was just accepted to a year abroad program in Florence and I was looking for a few of my favorite old haunts to recommend when I found your blog. I forwarded the link to her. I know it will be a great resource. Is Zaza’s restaurant still a good eat? What about Angie’s pub on via dei Neri? It used to be (in the 80’s) a family run fun spot. Does it still exist? I also used to get great chocolate chip cookies when I needed a fix from a bakery called Carley’s, run by two Americans . Is that still around? Thanks for your help.

    • Ciao Cathy! That is so exciting for you daughter – congrats to her, and this means you can come visit. I actually like Zaza’s to eat, its still good just a little pricier. Angie’s is also there to stay and still a haunt for many locals/students, I am huge huge fan of via dei neri and all it has to offer actually. Carley’s I have not heard of but we have Mama’s Bakery that is awesome on via della chiesa or Sugar and Spice bakery in Florence.

  4. I just found you and can hardly wait to read some of your back entries. I lived and studied in Firenze for a year in 1990, lived with a family and still consider them my Italian Mamma and Sorellina. My sister has been posting about the election a lot, so I decided to investigate and came across your blog. I am loving how your experiences remind me of my own (even from so long ago). My heart and soul will always be of Florence and I appreciate feeling connected more to my city through your words and experiences.

    • Tracy thank you for the kind words :-). I always love hearing about other peoples experiences in Florence. That’s amazing that you have kept that connection with your Italian ‘family’. I am sure they are just as happy as you are. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

  5. Georgette, your blog is amazing! You are totally killing it.
    My heart is so warmed knowing that you are making it in Florence. You were so important to helping me get through my time there.

    I’m doubly, no triply, impressed because I could never imagine working on my blog in Florence (well, on Via Isonzo).

    And congratulations to you and Tomasso on seven years together! I’m very happy for you both.


    • Melissa! It’s actually you! You have no idea how many times I think about what you are doing in this world. Thank you so much for checking me out here and commenting, I need an update in your life! Now that via isonzo miraculously has discovered broadband internet, life is on a whole other level lol. I’ll have to check yours out too! xoxoxo un grande bacione!

  6. This sounds so familiar in a way. I’m from Mexico, but somehow after college ended up in Seattle, WA. I’ve been here about 9 months now and everything has been so crazy and busy that like you say, it’s not all rose colored at all. Making a career in another country is HARD WORK. And in the end, I am too but another girl in Seattle. ;)

  7. Hey! Great blog! really cool layout.. extremely stylish. We have a creative travel company in Rome and i would love to start a dialogue. How do we get in contact?
    Sean P Finelli

    • I would say ‘get social’ (with all of the social networking sites.. google plus, twitter, and just write consistently and from the heart. :-). and send me your link, I love new blogs!

  8. Just reading through your blog now and I want to thank you for sharing your experience. I am strongly considering relocating to Florence from the US sometime next year and am in the beginning stages of research now. Feeling a bit overwhelmed! Your blog is helping to add an element of familiarity during this daunting yet exciting process. I look forward to reading the rest!

      • Thanks! So.., as I was dutifully doing more research on the web about possible citizenship I stumbled across another blogger, Kate Hash of La Vita e Bella who mentioned you in one of the posts I came across. The world as we once knew it is certainly shrinking! Love it!

  9. Pingback: a reflection upon return | Florence for Free

  10. Hi- Love your blog!! My new husband and I will be in Florence for Christmas this year. Have any suggestions for what to do on Dec 25th? as all the museums and such are closed.

    Know any great restaurants that are open on the 25th?
    Or know any American’s willing to host a newly married couple? We can bring with us any items that can only be bought in the states.

    Thanks Carol

  11. Hi Georgette,
    Nice blog about my favorite city!

    As you love food perhaps you’d enjoy coming to an event on Saturday, Nov 16th in Florence at the Antica Torre hotel roof-top terrace. My friend, Keith Richmond, who has 1000 olive trees in Tuscany will be bringing some of his newly pressed oil and giving a tasting. I will be promoting my second cookbook, based on Mediterranean food, called Healthy Eating for Life. Also I have a small fan club in Italy as a BBC classic series I did, Poldark,(broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre in the USA) was very popular with Italians. Event is a 1h30. My blog is http://robin-ellis.net/.

    • Hello Robin, thanks for checking out my blog :). I absolutely love that hotel and if I can stop by voluntieri! Also, I am mildly obsessed with olive oil. Nectar of the gods to this girl!

  12. Loved reading this! I just got back from Bologna and Firenze. Loved it! Wish I didn’t have to come back. I am not planning my next trip or 2.

    I’ve gotten the little thought in my head – could I move here? You listed great things about what to expect and the pitfalls to avoid.


    • Thank you, its an honor to be followed! I am very much looking forward to blogging, reading, and eating, oh yes and drinking much of 2014! ;-) Happy New Year to you!

  13. Hello Georgette! I founf your blog through a friend of mine via FB! I read very little – my working lunch time is quite short :) – but so far I like it a lot! I wondered one thing: how did you finished in Italy? Why Italy? :)

    • Hello Kris, well thats a good question and thank you for checking out my blog even if you have little reading time ;-). As far as ‘why’ – I studied abroad when was a junior in university and really felt at home here and the lifestyle, the food, the wine, the landscape… Plus my ex-boyfriend is Italian and was a big reason for the move back. So far, I like my life here so for now (and probably forever) Italy is home!

  14. Strange question I know, but I was wondering if you could tell me the average monthly grocery bill for one in Florence. I am applying for an arts grant. Would 277 euros sound about right?

  15. I am so happy to have found your blog! I am a Southern as well, keeping myself inspired for my move to Firenze when I stumbled upon your IG account. I love seeing all your photos and makes me want to go back today and not the fall! Thank you for posting about visas, travel, etc. It seems things will be very very hectic those first 8 days!

    • Ciao Aubrey! Thanks for stopping by, its always nice to hear from a fellow southerner :). The fall time of year is such a great time to ‘get your feet wet’ – don’t worry, lots to look forward too!

  16. What an amazing account of your adventures in Italy and Europe! I’m an expat in Switzerland (14 years–yikes!), and I’ve been looking for some other expat blogs to inspire mine and especially give me ideas for going places! Italy is definitely on my list–and your blog might have just pushed it to the top of that list. Thanks for all the fun stuff and pictures!

  17. Ciao, Georgette!
    I’m so happy to have found this blog – I’m returning for a second visit to Florence, after a first 5-day quick trip, and I want to get to know the city a bit more intimately.

    As I wasn’t expecting this trip (long story), I’m not very well prepared – I don’t have a working knowledge of the language yet and I haven’t boned-up on the history of the city, which are things I generally like to do before I travel. But it’ll be an extended trip, so I’ll learn as I go.

    Your blog is a great introduction to the city, and I really appreciate the insider/expat tips. It will make my trip that much more enjoyable.

    Thanks again!

    • Ciao David!
      What a pleasure to read your comment, you made my Sunday that much better – thank you! Sounds like you are undergoing quite the unexpected adventure and I say roll with it! If you need any tips or anything, feel free to ask and I wish you the best of luck with hopefully plenty of wine and espresso along the way!

      Buona domenica,


      • Grazie, Georgette!

        I’m here for eight weeks, working on a research project and minding my friends’ villa and pets while they’re away. An unexpected, last-minute trip but a wonderful opportunity to explore a new city and country; as I’d mentioned, finding your blog has been a great boon.

        The people have been very nice so far – I will learn some basic Italian so that I can communicate better but I’m struggling for now. It’s very isolating not to be able to speak. Hopefully, that will drive me to learn quickly.

        I will look deeper into your blog but yes, I may ask you for tips. The trip will certainly be filled with wine & espresso, great food, music, and both natural and human-made beauty, which is in such great abundance here. Great things to feed my soul.

        Thanks again!

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