Hiking in the hills above Sorgane in Florence
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Hiking in the hills above Sorgane in Florence

Whenever I really need time to think, and lately I have really needed time alone for a bit of self-reflection, I hop outside and climb up this hill beside my house. I happen to live close to Viale Europe and Bagno a Ripoli which is a 25 minute commute from the center by bus, sometimes … Continue reading

My secret Sunday escape in Tuscany
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My secret Sunday escape in Tuscany

This Sunday we were treated to a nice change of pace from almost constant rain every weekend this January. I made tman promise me that we would peer pressure his parents to take us to Acone – a small town near Rufina that I have mentioned previously. We like to tell people we go just … Continue reading

5 tips to cure seasonal depression in Florence
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5 tips to cure seasonal depression in Florence

Lets be honest for a moment here, no matter what anyone says, to put it quite simply January can kinda suck. I say that with the nicest of intentions but really after the initial “The new year just started! how awesome!” not much time passes until you hit mid-month and reality sets in, normally at the same … Continue reading

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In Florence this August? Some “cool” suggestions

  As I sit upon my used Ektorp Ikea couch while one sad half-broken fan is struggling to keep me cool while I type, I implore you and myself to remember that August isn’t so bad.  We had the Olympics to go crazy about – in fact I just discovered this week the hilarious/bewildering sport … Continue reading

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Florence in April? My picks

Now that we are sliding into spring and masses of tourists have infiltrated our city with floppy hats, umbrellas , cameras and lots and lots of khaki , are they going on a safari? I figure besides people watching, I better provide a ‘get away’ list for those who want a refuge from the crowds. April is … Continue reading

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Hiking is ( my ) version of free therapy

Everyone has their version of therapy whether it be yoga, reading, playing puppet-master..whatever floats your boat and eases up the stresses of daily life. Mine just happens to be hiking, or rather getting out of the center of  my adoptive city of Florence and really discover new places in Italy. Luckily I have a great … Continue reading