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Of course if you haven’t already guessed, I am a glutton for great food and good drinks. Enjoy!

Posts about restaurants/aperitivo in Florence, Tuscany and or/Italy.

Lunch Places in the center of Florence 

Dinner Restaurants in Florence

My favorite Pizzeria’s in Florence

  • Yummy Napolotano pizza’s on via dei macci, make sure to make reservations! One of my faves!
  • Pizzaman franchise in Florence. Napoli-style pizza, I really like the location on via rocca tedalda.
  • Caffe Italiano (the pizzeria not the Osteria). They only have three choices – Margarita, Napoli or Marinara. Show up around 7pm to get a spot in this tiny location near S.Croce.
  • Pizzeria Orto del Cigno (along the river). This is a place where many locals go for pizza. It’s a little bit our of the center but you can get there in 15 minutes by bus (14). Huge NYC style pizza pie’s that I love.
  • Gusta Pizza in Piazza Santo Spirito.via maggio is a local favorite. Tiny interior or  you can bring your pizza outside on the church steps to eat – cheap & yummy.

Coffee, Tea and chillaxing in Florence

  • What about just coffee and tea but you don’t feel getting overcharged? Here are my local spots of trendy & comfy coffee & tea bars. I always add to my list when I discover new ones.
  • Dolce Lab on via dei macci, really really great muffins!
  • Hemingway’s, piazza piattellina (near piazza della carmine)

My Favorite Geleto places in town!

  • Carabe (Sicilian), Via Ricasoli 60/r close to the Duomo. Really awesome fruit gelato. This place just ROCKS
  • Geleteria dei Neri, Via dei Neri 20/22R. Better than Vivoli, just sayin. 
  • Geleteria della Passera, Piazza della Passera 15 (close to Palazzo Pitti). Don’t think about the awkward name of the Piazza.
  • Geleteria dei Medici, via dello statuto. Well worth the trek!

Great Restaurants out of town

Food Tours worth trying

Food Festivals in Florence

Ethnic Fare in Florence, Italy

Brunch in Florence

  • Brunch at The Diner in Florence , guest post at Curry Strumpet.

Aperitivo in Florence

  •  Imagine happy hour with one of the best views in town – on top of the terrace on Hotel Minerva! 
  • Another aperitivo favorite (a real find) is Libreria Brac on a hidden street near via dei benci!
  • Another gorgeous terrace that you can have aperitivo – Hotel Baglioni, terrazza brunelleschi has a gorgeous veggie buffet and some of the best Duomo views in town.

My top restaurant lists that you can check out on YELP. 

** Or if you are craving a lazy-night at home but don’t feel like cooking, I have compiled a great list of places that deliver food. Enjoy! 

Nightlife in Florence: 

12 thoughts on “Restaurant / Nightlife

  1. I have just started to learn italian at my home country and want to go to Florence next year for some course. I just found your blog and it is just perfect! I cannot find better word, but can also say much more than perfect!Thank you

  2. I am from Slovakia, I have just started to learn italian and want to go next year in may to Florence and hope one day I will live there:) this blog helps me a lot before my journey

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  4. My husband and I are visiting Florence and Venice mid August for our honeymoon. We currently live in the Middle East but are from The US, we grew up in a small town in Ohio!
    So for a gal from Texas, you certainly seem to know Italy and have helped me feel even more excited about our visit! Your blog is absolutely impressive. I felt like I was already on a tour! Thank you for all of your time and effort to list the places in the city with such value and interest! We will be using your site to navigate around!
    Thank you!!!

    • Hello Christina, sounds like you guys are quite the international couple. Where in the Middle East are you based? I really appreciate your comment about my blog, its such a fun pleasure to share what it is I love about Florence with the hopes that everyone who comes here, has a wonderful time. If you need any other tips, you know how to ask :)

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